2002/2004 - Grenoble

Mixed-use building

This building, built to very tight financial constraints, encompasses two clients and four independent functional entities: business and shopping premises, a first-floor public car park, social housing and a condominium. The architectural aspect of this project is highly political. It expresses the city’s need for a social and functional mix, by making the juxtaposition of differences the basis of its identity.

The plot is triangular in shape, with streets running along each side. It is built to the maximum possible dimensions in order to incorporate a public car park which was originally an independent project: it was supposed to be built by the city in the basement of our plot and under the adjacent public garden. We therefore suggested, to rationalize the work and to allow the implementation of an open ground garden, that the car park be incorporated into the building for which we were responsible, which led to substantial savings.

The building expresses its mixed character, since each element of the programme is grouped along a horizontal stratum with one or more levels. The whole building is designed to comply with the required dimensions (9, 17, 24 and 30 metres, depending on the roads):
Private garages and cellars in the basement
Entrance halls, service and shopping premises on the ground floor.
Public car park on the 2nd and 3rd floor, under a 9 m high horizontal.
Residential rental properties on the 3rd and 4th floors: they are designed on a strip-housing type design, to a 4.65 m grid, and are arranged around a communal terrace-courtyard (3rd floor). The apartments are accessed from the outside, and each has a private entrance terrace and a balcony overlooking the street. The pleated façade allows all the apartments a southern exposure.
Above, the first-time buy apartments are grouped into an autonomous structure bristling with balconies (from the 5th to the 9th floor). They are accessed by glass enclosed gangways to the north.

Housing and activities: Grenoble Habitat - Lead Developer: SCIC développement
Public car park: Municipality of Grenoble - Lead Developer: Grenoble Habitat

5853 m2 total floor area + 4883 m2 gross floor area, public car park

Total: €6.008 million before tax
Rental apartments: €930 per square metre, including lockup and cellar in basement
First-time buyer apartments: €984 per square metre, including lockup and cellar in basement
Public car park: €343 per square metre

Corner of rue Jean Veyrat and rue Irvoy - ZAC Lustucru - Grenoble

Project management
Hérault Arnod Architectes, lead architect
Florent Bellet, project manager
Thermibel, fluids
Michel Forgue, economics
Batiserf, structure
IBSE, site coordination

Project/tender January 2002
Work began November 2002
Building delivered in December 2004

Activities (shops and offices)
Public car park: 160 spaces
32 social housing apartments
26 first-time buyer apartments
Lockups and cellars in the basement for the apartments

André Morin
Hérault Arnod