2011/2015 - Massy (91)

Office building

In the rather dense and mineral railway-station district of the city of Massy, this project is a bioclimatic garden-building, a cut-up geography generating terraces and planted surfaces. Tailored as a relief, the structure creates a folding movement around the central garden.

A revamped classic 18-meters long office-block forms the volume. The strip’s inflexions and different heights are subject to the urban templates and the orientation requirements. The 10- to 18-meters large inner garden is generous and planted in a very natural spirit. The whole forms a privileged working space where the relationship with light, sun and green prevails. The pathways give access to wooden terraces on the garden-roofs, offering a relationship with the outside which contributes to the quality of everyday life.

The black facades are cut-up by seemingly randomly set large windows but designed on a 1.35 m. pace. The glass plane is set back, the doorways are clad with a lacquered metal frame which hides the joineries so that only the glass is visible even when the windows are open.

Massy (91)

Hertel Investissement

Ericsson headquarter France

17,000 sqm

Estimated cost
€31 M excluding VAT

Project Team
Hérault Arnod Architectures, design and project supervisor
Florent Bellet, project manager
Batiserf, structure
Cosentini, hvac
Elan, sustanibility
Arcora, facades

Competition 2011
Delivered 2015

Company restaurant

Energy performance
Certification BREEAM level « very good »
RT 2012
Cep max -10%
Certification HQE level « exceptional »
Certification NF « bâtiment tertiaire »

André Morin