1993 - Grenoble


Installation at the Magasin, Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble

The commission for Le Magasin (Grenoble CNAC) was an opportunity to create a gratuitous piece of architecture, free of all functional constraints, simply an experiment in volume and matter. Each of the 9 invited architects had an area of 15 square meters, a discontinuous and uncertain space, similar in many ways to a real urban situation.
Our creation is a "light box" made of copper scales, an object that is opaque from the outside (oxidised copper) and very bright on the inside (polished copper).

The space we were dealing with is a territory that is often disconnected and saturated with different logics. The world in which the architect operates consists of uncertainties, events that seem both ineluctable and uncontrollable. In this context, a territory with a blurred identity, the absence of common criteria as a basis for ideas encourages us to believe that architecture can nevertheless contribute a degree of humanity, of sensitivity and of mystery.

"Nomad" suggests travel, mobility. In our case, it signifies the autonomy of the object, free of the imperative of context and transposable to other places. We chose to design this construction as a real architectural project, using design tools and implementation methods specific to architecture.

Le Magasin - CNAC National Contemporary Art Centre Grenoble (38)

Project management
Hérault Arnod Architectes lead architect

Exhibition June-August 1993

Architectural object created for the exhibition "Application et implication. Modèle de pensée et acte de présence"

Steel structure
Wooden floor

André Morin