Centre Pompidou X MuMo


This travelling museum-truck is designed in collaboration with the artist Krijn de Koning for the MuMo association and the Centre Pompidou, with the support of Art Explora. It will display artworks from the Musée National d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou’s collection to make art accessible to all, starting from 2022. Our project, winner of the competition, has been conceived as a multifunctional tool, simple and adaptable to multiple uses.

The museum is divided in three spaces : the loggia, the exhibition room and the alcove. The loggia opens itself to the outside in the manner of a theater stage. It welcomes the public and can be used as a space for performances, concerts or even outdoor projections. During the winter, the loggia is closed with a transparent screen therefore protecting the visitors from the cold and humidity. The exhibition room is the very essence of the project - a streamlined space in which the technical elements are hidden to offer optimal presentation conditions. It is conceived as a controlled museum space to protect the artworks from the outdoor elements as well as the vibrations induced by the mobility of the truck. The alcove is an elevated space in extension of the exhibition room. It is a convertible space : it can be a projection room with seating, it can showcase sculptures or it can even be a work of art itself, imagined by Krijn de Koning.

When the truck arrives, on a village square, a parking lot, a park or any other public space, its unfolding is a spectacle. It is inspired by fairground architecture, in another aesthetic range. Two signboards complete the device : "MUMO", a metal cut out above the loggia ; and "Centre Pompidou", a luminous sign fixed to a telescopic pole – in the manner of a fire truck - which is stored at the front of the trailer. The transformation of the museum-truck is fast as most of the maneuvers are automated.

Association MuMo X Centre Pompidou
Realized with Art Explora

Project Team
Hérault Arnod Architectures, design and general conception
Krijn de Koning, artist
Ateliers Vicat-Blanc et BA AS, preventive conservation advice

Competition november 2020
Expected delivery april 2022

Exhibition room
Multifunctional loggia : receptions of the public, stage for performances, concerts and projections.

Images and Model
© Hérault Arnod
© Krijn de Koning